Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Birthday Canada.

I hear the Queen is visiting. I had to look up online where in Canada she was visiting, as our local news station simply stated she was in Canada. You know that tiny, little, insignificant country to the North. The second largest country in the world. The United States' greatest trading partner. It is unfortunate that the US is censored from any news or information from Canada, I don't know if Americans are afraid they'll discover universal health care, or that they've been spelling colour, flavour and neighbour incorrectly. Maybe they are still holding that 198 year old grudge.

Of course I tease, I tolerate Bob and Doug jokes, eh comments and oot and aboot mocking throughout the year. I swear everything that most Americans learned about Canada is from the nearly 30 year old movie Strange Brew.

I mean come on, those are stubby bottles for crying out loud.

Anywho, I wish family and friends happy, safe and fun Canada Day celebrations. Party on fellow Croc wearing Canucks.

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  1. Wow, those crocs are hideous, no wait, make that 'special'.


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