Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 7 Day Challenge

Pick seven bikes to own then name them by each day of the week and ride regularly? That's going to be tough, but sharing a garage with Trobairitz really helps.

Hmmmmm....I thought about European bikes not available over here, money is no object right? But then to get caught up in the EPA regulations and red tape quashed that idea.

Sure there are plenty of older bikes I'd love to own, models I grew up with or remember as a young teen, but I like fuel injection and the convenience of thumbing the starter and riding so my choices are of late model bikes with all the reliability and amenities of modern engineering, well, except for the Ural.

Monday is a Scooter - I'd begin with something tame and start the week off easy. The Vespa GTV300 in Espresso brown, just because it has that laid back vintage look and it can carry a cup of coffee. That and it would be so cool to rock a scooter.

MSRP: $6899

Tuesday would be a Cruiser - I may as well put Monday behind me, far behind me, and why not go to the extreme with the authority of the Triumph Rocket III Roadster. This bike is pure muscle and would flat out kick ass... my ass.

MSRP $13,999

Wednesday has to be a Dual Sport - What better way to handle the ups and downs of hump day than with a dual sport and the Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer. This was actually a toss up between the Triumph Tiger 800 but the new 1200cc won with the shaft drive and traction control and I can buy an 800 with my own money.

MSRP Not Available, I'm guessing $16,999

Thursday I went with Electric - Brammo Empulse 10.0 Electric Motorcycle, simply for the peace and quiet, besides, it's been a long week.

MSRP $13,995

Friday requires a Tourer - and Trobairtz already put a Can-Am Spyder in her "our" garage so I chose a BMW K1600GTL for swtichin' to glide and I may want to haul some camping gear or tour for the weekend.

MSRP w/premium package $25,845

Saturday demands a Sidecar - Ural Patrol 2WD in orange of course. This would be a great bike to go meet the gang for Saturday morning coffee, run errands, groceries then go play in the mud and still have all weekend to get unstuck or completely dismantle, repair and reassemble using the stock toolkit (right Jim?).

MSRP $13,199

Sunday - I was going to go with classic style bike but again I can borrow Trob's Triumph Bonneville so that opens up my next choice for a Supermoto Husqvarna TE511. This too is a toss up, I could have just as easily gone with a KTM, Suzuki DR, Honda CRF230L as long as I had two sets of wheels and tires, one set for street and one set for dirt.

 MSRP $8,999

Not too bad, I managed to keep it under $100k but there is always title, registration and accessories to put it over the top. I'm looking forward to everyone's choices and thanks for the challenge sweetheart.



  1. Inspired choices! I'd have a Tiger 800 like a shot, but given that this is a "wish list", there are other priorities :-)

    I've never seen that electric bike - super cool!

    Saw a hotel in Vietnam this year which used several Ural sidecar rigs for taking their clients into town!!

    Enjoyed your selection....

  2. I especially like the espresso brown color of the Vespa although the Ural is interesting in orange. Thanks for playing.

    I guess we're lucky - if we each got to pick 7 bikes we'd have 14 in the garage.

  3. I think you guys are need a bigger garage or maybe a nice shop. Nice selection and I had not heard of that particular electric bike either. Interesting to read all of these posts.


  4. Wait a minute, that’s cheating. You get to ride fourteen bikes for picking just seven? Nice try, but you would then need to get a massive garage for both yours and Trobairitz’z bikes. LOL.

    Going from a Vespa on a Monday to a Rocket III Roadster on a Tuesday, you would have to be very careful as there could be lots of risks associated with twisting the throttle too hard first thing Tuesday morning.

    You chose an interesting mixture of bikes, suitable for most types of riding.

  5. Another response with a Vespa in it. Is it my bad influence? No surprise that the Explorer is on your list (way too big for me but I like it very much!)

  6. Nice lineup. Too bad the week doesn't have more days.... :)

  7. 14 bikes in the that would be worth seeing.

  8. I am not ready to decide on the bikes yet, I hardly even really know what I want, lol. Too new. I need to go & do some bike shopping, as I can not see owning any further than my current bike Lucy. Once I get some more riding miles then I will have a dream list. Do like the Brammo bikes tho - badass looking e-motorcycles.

  9. It's fun to read everyone's choices. All are very different. Here's my list:


  10. Well I do like your choice of the Ural for Saturday and yes you can tear it down and rebuild the whole shdang thing with the stock tool kit (and maybe a Leatherman). Guess I'm going to have to investigate my own list too but my garage will fit only 4 comfortably including a Ural with sidecar. :-D


  11. C'mon Dagatgo, now that you're signed up on blogger you're only one step away from creating your own blog.
    I'd be interested in seeing your choice of seven.


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