Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two for the show...

Trobairitz and I now join the ranks of those that have been to Vegas. A generalization to say the least and not a fair assessment of the city of Las Vegas, so I should say that we've been to "The Strip".

We flew into LAS Saturday morning and made our way to the train that would take us from the satellite terminal to the main terminal. We then found a shuttle bus to take us to the hotel and enjoyed the sights through the bus windows all the while calling out to each other the hotels and casinos we've seen on television and movies, adding the odd ooooh and ahhhhh for effect. We were anxious to get to the hotel, drop our bags, grab a bite and go see the sights.

We knew that the strip was just out the front door from the hotel and through the Fashion Show Mall. RA Sushi would have something light to eat and get started on our trek.

Heading south from the mall, the first hotel was Treasure Island, featuring the "Sirens of TI".

We continued south and across the street to the Venetian. The sunshine was beautiful, a rarity in Oregon and we wanted to make the best of it and walk the strip. We figured we could walk through the casinos and shopping centers after dark.

We made it to the Excalibur before we got thirsty, ordered our first yard o' margarita and headed to the Luxor. It was at the Luxor when disappointment set in. This is it? This is "The Strip"? We talked about whether or not to walk down to Mandalay Bay at the end of the strip but figured it would be just another casino and decided to head back up the strip.

We skipped back and forth across the strip, checked out a few more hotels and casinos. Grabbed another overpriced margarita, threw a few bucks into the slot machines, lost, a few more dollars, lost some more and then I figured to make the best of it and party.

We wandered around the Bellagio, lost more money in the slots, back through the Venetian, lost some more, back to Treasure Island slots then back to the hotel.

Eager to visit Freemont Street the hotel bell chief offered to have a bellhop take us there in the hotel car. Unfortunately, he was more interested in the gratuity than letting us know we were too late for the show.

We wandered around the lifeless streets, checked out Main Street Station, had some dinner and then called it a night...more like late morning.

I am so glad we chose a hotel off the strip. It was nice to get away from the noise, lights, card flickers and barrage of advertising.

Waking up Sunday morning overlooking the strip in the cold light of day had us wondering WTF to do today? We did everything we wanted to do Saturday night. We were trapped, on foot, on the strip. I couldn't walk into another stinking casino, it wasn't the smoke, it was that deodorizing, neutralizer smell. We were ready for home. We went down to the mall for Starbucks and tried to find something to do, so we headed for the Stratosphere. We made it past some construction as far as Circus Circus and turned around to go back to the hotel. The strip was not us, Vegas was not us, we were experiencing sensory overload. We just relaxed in our room for the day and just wanted to see the Cirque de Soleil show before going home to quiet, naturally beautiful Oregon.

We wandered down to the Venetian canal shops before Treasure Island's Siren show started (cancelled the night before due to high winds), that was pretty cool.

Meandered over to the Mirage to watch the volcano, cool.

Then into the Mirage to watch The Beatles - LOVE, now that was awesome!!!! That show alone saved the whole trip, all I can say is WOW!!!

I know we missed a lot of sights, it was unfortunate we were trapped on the strip, I know there is much more to see, but we were running out of money and getting tired of the facade of the strip. We spent the third day in our room watching TV and in the airport hoping for an earlier flight home. It took me two days to find the right words to describe "The Strip" and it wasn't until Tuesday morning I came up with ... a polished turd.

Once you get through all the shine and glitter, it's just crap.

I had fun Saturday, the show was absolutely fantastic and I don't regret going, everyone must go at least once. Would I go again? Not likely, we are more the "staycation" type. We prefer parks, trees, mountains, lakes and rivers. Natural wonders.

I am home, I am happy and I was sure smiling riding the Triumph into work on Tuesday morning. It's the little things.



  1. Troubador:

    Our minds think alike. We went to Reno once and all the time I was out poking about the pawn shops. The last time we went to LV we only stayed overnight, then headed out toward the Grand Canyon. Our mistake was returning a day earlier to walk the strip. Very tiring and more of the same, but more. I would have rather stayed on the road at Arches, or Bryce for another day.

    I really liked the photo of Trobairitz on the Laptop. She looks so serious

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Bradley, nice post! The Beatles show does sound like a great one. My son and I took in The Blue Man Group a few years back, and that was fantastic!

  3. Well, you just don't know until you try it on for size. I share your feelings about the glitz, glitter and "it's all a facade" of Vegas. I think I've been there 3 separate times, two specifically to make photos and the third for the High Rollers Scooter Rally, which is coming up again this month, though I won't be going. Having an agenda besides drinking and gambling does make the experience more palatable, but one soon sees through the thin surface.

    So, now you're not only older, but wiser too. A well-spent birthday -:))

  4. Happy Birthday, it seems. Nice photos. It's easy to slide over from motorcycle blog to photo blog, isn't it? This photo thing is a lot of fun.

  5. Thanks everyone. I did have a great time in Vegas, it just got I can't say enough great things about the Beatles show, it was amazing. It does seem from comments and those I have spoken to that my analysis of Vegas is an accurate one.
    We did enjoy taking pictures as there is so much to see and to photograph that the ordinary traveler would miss. I do appreciate the new camera and although I haven't figured out all the manual settings, that easy setting sure lives up to its name.


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