Friday, January 22, 2010

The big 4-0, meh...

Evidently I am turning forty this year, I don't think it has hit me as hard as thirty did. When I turned thirty I was chained to a desk and much too young to be pushing paper and getting lazy, so I quit my job, took a landscaping course at the local college, then moved from British Columbia to Oregon, all within the first year. Then I spent the next seven years selling cars, humping furniture, digging holes and planting trees for a plant nursery while running my own lawn maintenance company on weekends. All the while, cursing the Oregon rain trying to find another desk job. A decade later I finally found that job, still too young to be chained to a desk...but this time I am a whole lot wiser, much happier and not nearly as lazy.

We've accomplished a lot in ten years, much more than I had in the previous ten years. Getting married sure puts a stop to the partying and squandering in a hurry, good thing too as I'm not so sure I would have made it to thirty, never mind forty.

Never be afraid to slow down.

This weekend my wonderful wife is taking me to Vegas for my birthday, I've never been, should be fun, I'll let you know.

You start the game with a full pot o' luck and an empty pot o' experience... The object is to fill the pot of experience before you empty the pot of luck.



  1. Happy Birthday Troubadour...hope you two have a nice weekend getaway in Vegas!


  2. "A man is only as old as the woman he feels." - Groucho Marx

    You know I was thinking about you and your big 40. That got me thinking about the 17 months in between us, and through it all nobody will have known us longer than we have known each other.
    Happy Birthday Brother.
    Do not regret growing older. It is a priviledge denied to many.

  3. Troubador:

    enjoy your weekend in LV. Birthdays are just mere numbers, you are only as old or as young as you feel

    happy birthday

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. I can only echo what Bear said. There is nothing wrong with getting older. Continue to enjoy your life, collect as many big zeros as possible, keep on riding, and for now: Have a great weekend in Vegas.

  5. Well, I think getting older is the very best way to live!

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you're going to have a terrific weekend! Don't forget to say thank you to your rich friend Donald for the wonderful view from your sweet upgrade -:)

  6. Happy Birthday Troubadour! The 40's is a great decade, and enjoy LV!


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