Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bike night

Over a year ago I wondered why there wasn't a local meeting place for motorcyclists to gather, chat and set up rides. I searched the internet and Googled every motorcycle term and local town to find nothing other than local shops advertising. So, off to the local shops I went and again I couldn't find any flyers for any groups. I checked forums and discovered Portland, Salem and Eugene bike nights but still nothing local. I lurked in the forums, watched and waited with little luck so I started Corvallis Bike Night. I made bike night non-obligatory, it wasn't a group or club, just a standing bike night. It was a little slow to start, we made a few mistakes changing locations and trying to meet too many nights, too often, but we have learned a lot in the past 16 months and our last gathering had a great turnout of new faces and I hope tonight will be better yet.

Thank you to Stacy and Women In The Wind for your help getting the word out, thank you to Premier Motogear and Fred's Honda for posting flyers and final billing to pnwriders for setting up the forum for everyone to use.

Local readers, please stop by, we've set up evening and weekend rides and met some fantastic people.

1st Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm - Feb. 4th, Mar. 4th, Apr. 1st.
Just stop by…

American Dream Pizza
214 SW 2nd St.
Downtown Corvallis
Between Madison and Jefferson
from 6pm til…



  1. Your hard work is paying off. Thank you for organizing this fine gathering in the first place.

  2. I'm going to have to try to stop by, if you all can stand me. I missed last night, because I just read this today. March 4th. Mark the calendar.

    Is that the place where you can dine on the roof, weather permitting?

  3. Stacy: Thanks for your attendance and support. It is always a pleasure to talk with you, I especially enjoy your wiper blade, camera mount, chain lube and heated visor mechanical aptitude.

    irondad: Sorry you missed the last meeting, it was quite the turnout. American Dream has a rooftop area but during the nice weather we will most likely be riding. Keep you eye on the forum


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