Sunday, April 7, 2013

E2E Rally and Bridges

One advantage of Trobairitz participating in the Pace Podcast E2E Rally is that I get to check off more photo tags for my covered bridge page.

Ritner Creek Covered Bridge

We often play the "where do you want to go?" - "I don't know, where do you want to go?" game.

The prospect of 'riding to eat' seems to have dropped from our itinerary as not many roadside cafes offer 'salad' on their menu so the rally gives us much preferred picnic destinations to ride to instead.

We've scouted several photo opportunities while out and about in the car and are looking forward to warm, dry weather if and when it stops raining.

Harris Covered Bridge in Wren

I've heard somewhere that April showers bring May flowers......

In the meantime, I am commuting back and forth to work alternating between bikes. The rain bike and the non-fairing bike. I am happy in my new job and I'm realizing the benefit of working 'four tens'. We're anticipating several camping trips this summer and exploring further destinations that eluded us with the traditional two day weekend... between teaching Team Oregon classes of course.


  1. Four tens! What a great opportunity for trips. I didn't even see the "Covered Bridges" tab before today.

  2. Hadn't noticed the covered bridge tab before either .... we don't have too many of them around here, but perhaps this summer I'll ride by the longest one in the country. Hope the weather dries up so you can revist the bridges for the rally.


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