Friday, January 11, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Monday morning in San Francisco promised to be a little warmer and sunny than the weekend had been. It didn't matter as everyday is sunny with Rogey.

We met at the same cafe that we'd been meeting all weekend for our morning coffee. A gentlemen sitting beside us picked up on Rogey's pleasant demeanor and asked us all where we were from and chatted for a bit. We slowly finished breakfast and made plans for our last day together as our plane didn't leave until that evening. Brandy and I went back to our hotel to grab our bags, check out then met Rogey at his room to store our things.

It was warm, the sun was shining but we weren't up for walking so we hailed a cab and rode down to the geographical center of SF, a colorful and inviting neighborhood known as the Castro. We strolled up and down the streets visiting the little shops and cafes.

We had to stop for a photo of...

Brandy and Rogey in front of Brandy Ho's
We made our way through more shops then to Harvey Milk's famous camera shop.

The current store owner told us a bit about the history of the store, the filming of the movie, the bronze plaques out front and the shop today.

Front door of Harvey Milk's camera shop

Memorial Plaque 

If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. Sean Penn does a fantastic job as "MILK" .

We hopped across the street to Castro Tarts for coffee and a bite to eat. Then we wandered around some more and did some shopping before calling it quits. We were tired so hailing another cab we headed back to the hotel to fetch our things. We chatted for a bit more and sadly said our goodbyes to Rogey with promises to see him again.  It was still early but I don't like big cities and with nothing more to see in SF it was good to be going home. Brandy and I walked down to the Powell Street Station and boarded the BART back to the Oakland Airport to relax and wait for our departure time.

It was a great weekend, good to meet everyone in Alameda for Sunday brunch and make new friends. Thank you Rogey for making the lay over in San Francisco, it was a pleasure to...... laugh with you.

Cheers mate.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful. Nice, calm day after an eventful evening. But I notice there is no mention of another store that you all "ventured" into... ;)

  2. Rogey is dressed up as if we were on an arctic expedition ;-)

    I wish we could have been there with you guys but at least I get to enjoy the stories...

  3. I've been enjoying the stories, thank you for sharing them. Plus, you got a nice break in San Francisco. Have you started your new job yet?

  4. Been following your adventures in San Francisco, glad you guys had fun, I wish I had met you guys last year. Can't wait to see more pictures


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