Friday, July 27, 2012

Hell and back.... Day Three of the iMBC2012

We all decided it would better to take a day to visit rather than ride. After all, isn't that why we came, to visit with our fellow bloggers?

Sunday we found Bob desperately trying to find any Wi-Fi hot spot he possibly could, the poor guy felt gagged without his internet and his chosen media of expression.

We wandered around Joseph and took a few photos while we waited for Karen and Erik to arrive. The town is full of bronze statues, Trobairitz took many more photos than I.

Mary, Mary

quite contrary...

A wolf relieving himself? Poor, poor Mary.

Richard actually standing still long enough to snap a picture.

Then I turned the camera on ourselves.

Bob being Bob

Point your way to safety

The welcoming side of the "Please come again" sign

We found a shop that carried neon green Croc knock-offs or what we called "Croc-offs" for Erik. Bob found a shirt to match his pink Crocs.

Twice as tough!

Brandy and I hadn't eaten all day so it was time to find some lunch...

This sums up the vegan menu in Eastern Oregon

I'm trying very hard to stay positive regarding the variety of food made available in "Cowboy Country" but when you have to explain to restauranteurs what vegan means you seriously have to wonder if these farmers nowadays even know what a vegetable is anymore.

A very poor excuse for a pie.

At least the company was fun and kept our waning morale up. Bob had a brown cow rootbeer float while Erik enjoyed a milkshake and Karen some huckleberry ice cream. We headed back to Bob and Richard's hotel/cottage to relax in the shade all day.

We watched momma deer and her fawns cross the street.

I've never heard a fawn call to momma before...

and they sound like  kittens "meow" "meow" "meow"

We chatted all afternoon under the canopy of a large maple tree and like the others said it was great to visit face to face rather than ride. I enjoyed the down day.

 It was too soon we were off to find some dinner and walked down to "Mutiny Brewing"

Sorry Fuzzy, more food photos...

Rice Bowl

After dinner we went back to the bikes, suited up and said our good-byes. It was great to meet you Karen and Erik, I'm able to add an asterix to two more blogger titles on my blog roll as bloggers I have met.



  1. I have to admit that I also suffered a bit through the culinary desert that is cowboy country. Most people will get 'vegetarian' but 'vegan' seems to be a concept that doesn't work in some parts of the hinterland.

    Those Bambi's are sweet, nice catch.

    I wish we could have hanged out with the bunch a bit longer but our motorcycle sponsors (a.k.a. employers) called for our attention. Glad you had a great day.

    1. You can only live so long on Clif bars and trail mix before we start to get 'hangry'.

      We watched the deer stroll through the neighbor's backyard but when momma crossed the road without her fawns they started to cry out like a kitten, a strange sound for a fawn to make.

      Isn't it a shame how work has become more important than family? I work for an international company and my coworkers in Europe get 3 to 4 times the time off we do in North America. I guess it makes us value our vacation that much more.

  2. Poor excuse for pie?
    These words should never EVER be mixed together. Pics of pie are alright but thanks for the wraning :)

    1. Unfortunately the pie had been previously frozen and reheated leaving it "hot on the outside, icicle in the middle"

  3. It's fun to have husband and wife bloggers with separate blogs. You guys travel together but have different pics and perspectives to share. Sorry you guys had such a hard time funding suitable food. Thanks for sharing your visit with us!

    1. Thanks, it took some convincing to get Brandy to start a blog and now she can't stop.
      We're getting used to the challenges of being vegan, it certainly sparks creativity while traveling.

  4. I've enjoyed the write up. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

    As a person who doesn't like ice cream, I have been accused, teasingly I hope, of being un-American. The concept of someone not eating ice cream or cheese just doesn't compute very well with so very many folks. My experience is like Sonja's, folks get vegetarian but the concept of vegan is lost on most. It wasn't that long ago vegetarian was as foreign as vegan is now. I suspect it won't be long and even in "Cowboy" country it will be a little easier to find vittles. I'm vegan pretty much during the week, but on the weekends I've been known to wander into Cowboy country, and when in Rome....

    Thanks again,

    1. What??? You don't like ice cream? how can you not like ice cream, it doesn't compute in my head :-)
      I love any kind of ice cream or sweet whatever ;-)

    2. I agree with your vegetarian comment Keith, it'll take time, which is why I'm not a closet vegan and more vocal about my diet/lifestyle. My usual response to people when they find out I'm vegan and wrinkle their nose is "it's okay, it isn't contagious... yet" then I offer them a hug.

      George, you said any kind of ice cream.... even "soy" ice cream? Double dog dare ya.

    3. I hear that bacon ice cream is becoming the rage. Triple dog dare you.

  5. The Huckleberry icecream was great (too bad about the mushy pie)... but the Sunday relax and chat with a great bunch was even better.

    1. It was a great afternoon of stories and laughs, we must do that again.

  6. I want to see Erik and his green crocks ;-)
    Nice pictures, I would love to visit Hell's Canyon.

    1. Keep an eye on Bobskoot's blog, I believe he has photos of the croc-offs.
      I'm definitely going back to Hells Canyon someday, there were several roads I didn't get a chance to ride and so many more tree tops to see.

  7. Vegetables are the smidge of garnish that goes with that big ol' hunk o' beef. Dontcha know? The rice dish looks pretty good.

    1. That's it! I'll order the big ol' hunk o' beef, hold the beef, extra smidge of garnish.
      Glad to see you're back bluekat.

  8. I'm agreeing with bluekat. The rice dish looks good!

    It sounds like such a great day taking off and relaxing and laughing. I'm still in awe of the statutes. Nicely detailed, and with a good sense of humor.

    Thanks for reporting!


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