Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take the Course - Get Endorsed

Team Oregon has been doing some advertising lately and what better way than to use the local transit system as a traveling billboard. I thought the ad was very well done, short, simple, effective and to display it on the back is brilliant.

I've seen bus #753 a couple three times around town and it has caught my attention each time, but I've only made note of the bus number twice. Is it on other buses or just this one?

The second time I saw it I wondered what bike they used in the ad, I knew it was a cruiser but I couldn't dismiss it as the usual Harley, it looked too familiar.

The City of Corvallis is celebrating da Vinci Days this weekend and after we met the Brew Crew for Saturday morning coffee we drove downtown to check out the kinetic sculpture vehicles before the parade. Neither one of us do well with large crowds so we went in, did a quick loop and got out. No photos, too many people and we lost interest very quickly.

But, Corvallis City Transit was on site promoting their new fareless system. (Off topic, but $2.75 tacked onto our monthly water bill without property owners being able to vote on it is not fareless). And, they just happened to use bus #753, giving me the opportunity to get up close and look at the bike.

Now I could be wrong but that sure looks like a Triumph America.

I sold my America so I can't take the photo and compare it to the bike itself, but I do have photos.

I'm going to call it as I see it, that is a Triumph America, way to go Team Oregon for using such a great bike in your ad.

Now.....who's the rider?

- Addendum: Saw the ad on another bus, that makes 2.


  1. Have to agree with you, diffinitly looks like an America to me. Now the big question is "is the advertising working"?

  2. I almost took the same picture of the back of the bus last Saturday.

    How are you doing?


  3. Hey Richard, I didn't know you were in town last week. I am doing well, the doctor cleared me for take off yesterday so we are going for a ride today. Back in the saddle.

  4. My wife and her son wanted to see one of the performers at da Vinci Days then we dropped him off at UofO for a camp. Now we are in PA.

    Glad you are feeling better.


  5. Thanks for the bus ride Troubadour. I'll have to go take a ride (just so I can spend your money!) Really, didn't think Corvallis was big enough to have a fareless square, but whatever.

    I feel so cheated, all I was given to ride at BRT was a little Suzuki.

    Good to hear you're cleared to ride :)

  6. Since that was more than likely developed here in Corvallis... it could even be your old America! By the way... thanks for paying for the bus system... I can ride for free too!!! Thanks from a Philomath Resident!


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