Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring

Finally, we make that transition from Winter rains to Spring rains. It is a different rain, cleaner, crisper, fresh... warm rain. Who am I kidding, it's still rain. The real difference is the sunny breaks between showers, during the Winter rains the skies stay gray and monotone where we get periods of blue sky and teasers of sunshine with Spring rain.
The roads are still wet, but dry much quicker now. The chance of snow has passed, at least on the valley floor, which means the street sweepers will start winning the battle of keeping the roads clean of gravel and debris.
Riders will be pulling the battery chargers off their bikes and out from under cover, checking the tires and eager to burn off that old fall gas and fuel stabilizer. Be careful out there, if you haven't been riding all winter you're going to be a little rusty with your skills until you get back into the rhythm.

I am installing heated grips on Trobairitz' Gladius this morning as the warmer days of summer are still three months away. The weather this morning is indecisive so it's a good day to tear the bike apart for a little wiring job. It shouldn't take me long unless I run into some sort of distraction.

We drove to coffee yesterday morning as we didn't want to ride two up on the Gladius and I wasn't too keen about riding on the back. A friend and fellow rider just got back from New Zealand, he was in Wellington helping to restore motorcycles for the museum. He said he passed the Triumph dealer everyday to and from his work and thought of me. They were out of shop T-shirts but he was kind enough to pick up a key-fob for me. I thought that was very kind and thoughtful of him, thank you David.

I better get out to the garage and get on those grip heaters so I have time to give her bike the hand wash that BobSkoot so kindly mentioned in her blog comments. Thanks Bob, I though we were pals.

Happy Spring Equinox and keep the shiny side up.



  1. Ok. The video was good. Too bad the names are backwards. This slightly older male named DAN does not put his bike into winter hibernation.

    Good luck with the grips.

  2. Good luck with the Grips, never as easy as they seem! Nice key ring.

  3. Troubadour:

    I'm smiling, and if you were a pillion, I'd have a smirk . And you're right, Spring is nearly here. I can smell it in the air

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Ha-ha! Great vid! Where do you find these things!?!
    Hope the wiring went well! When it comes to mods and maintenance, I like straight forward and uneventful. (yeah, like I'm the one doing mods and maintenance!)

    Be safe out there this week, and may you be rewarded with nice, dry pavement on your journeys... 'specially in the curves! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the vid. Interesting though that it had exclusively focused on the male species ;-)
    Spring has sprung! I can feel it (ok being in Maui helps)

  6. @Irondad - funny, I was thinking the same thing.

    @Raftnn - I was going to do the whole relay and distribution block but couldn't find room to put it all. (read lazy).

    @Bobskoot - I never did wash her bike, the clouds were moving in fast and she wanted to ride. I will when my Tiger comes home.

    @Bluekat - for some reason I can't remember movies to save my life but short vignettes like that I do remember seeing them somewhere and then simply search for them. I've had a couple of dry days to scrub in the tires for her safety. Funny how a newbie has no chicken strips on her bike.

    @SonjaM - The problem with going to Maui is you eventually have to come home. :p

  7. Nice video. I hope the grips worked out well.


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