Monday, October 4, 2010

Aging Aquarius

I sure have been enjoying the Tiger lately. I went out for a 350 mile ride Saturday before last and a shorter 200 mile ride last Saturday. Anything over 300 miles I affectionately call a toothbrush run as it usually takes all day and one should pack a toothbrush for a trip that long. I have declined many toothbrush rides as I could never handle that distance on my America, but with the Tiger a whole new world has opened up.

We ran up Hwy 20 then down 126 over the McKenzie Pass to Sisters for lunch.

Trobairitz sat this one out, it was too far and too many passes for her little 250.

So it was back over McKenzie pass the other way and up to Cougar Reservoir and Aufderheide Drive.

It was on the Aufderheide and about 200 miles into the ride when the aches started. A new bike and an aging body makes for a long afternoon. A couple of Aleve and my Throttlemeister throttle lock got me through the rest of the ride. I was enjoying the bike so much, my aching knees and my right elbow didn't matter.

But it did get me thinking and wondering what other riders do to keep in shape to ride. I'm considering dusting off the bicycle hanging in the garage.

So what is the best exercise or fitness regimen for motorcyclists and what do you do to keep in top riding shape?


  1. I think I'll be watching the comments on this one. I walk/jog ~8 miles per day plus strength training three days per week. This is during the winter as I'd rather ride than walk during the summer. Summer is ~3 miles per day and no strength training. Almost time to start back at the gym again as winter is threatening.

    Haven't heard the phrase "toothbrush run" before.


  2. Gorgeous Tiger! Sadly denied to me as a choice as I was at the back of the queue when legs were handed out.

    And you think you have an ageing body - 63 in just under 2 weeks :-(

    Safe riding....

  3. 300 miles is not to be sniffed at, Geoff had better get used to the idea he is about to do 2000kms in 2 days!. Glad you are enjoying your bike, I don't know any owner that doesn't love their Tiger!

  4. Any back exercises help me. Bring some of those adhesive heat things... that might do the trick. I'm only 27 and boy, do I feel it when I'm out, too.

  5. Stretching and back exercise twice daily does it for me. Also, when preparing for longer rides I usually gradually build up road strength by taking longer day trips. My personal record so far has been approx. 700km and 12h in the saddle. And my back (make that the lower part) was crying for mercy after 8h. I don't know how iron butt riders do it (and why, but that's a complete different story...), so I will be watching out for more recommendations from experienced riders.

  6. Nice ride, and long! I haven't come close to riding 350 miles in a day. As for the bicycle, if it's a mountain bike? McDonald Forest. Or if your an animal, just ride it up Mary's peak instead of riding the Tiger! :D

    We bicycle most weekends, and walk or jog during the week. I need to add some strength training, but I absolutely hate going to the gym. Stretch everything. Tight hamstrings are notorious for causing back pain.

  7. Thanks for the comments, I am going to get the mountain bike out as I too despise gyms.
    This video is interesting, it may not help the knees but it does work the core and it is a lot harder than it looks.
    (You'll have to copy and paste the link.)


  8. Nice bike and rides! I hope a Tiger is in my future.. :)

    I've found Yoga to be a big help for aging bodies. Wanting to avoid hearing snickers and outright laughter, I bought some tapes on line and do it at home....


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