Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Troubadour on a Ténéré

Okay, Triumph has pissed me off, they can take their new Adventurer and sod off.

I've been waiting for the new video of the Triumph Adventure and hoping for some better photos of the bike, but alas I face another disappointing video. Flashes of the bike with no real information other than a low voice Brit spouting off about the suspension and blah, blah, blah.

Show me the damn bike already!

Thanks to Tbolt for the Hell for Leather link to more photos.

But wait! What's this? While I sit and wait for Triumph to show us their bike Yamaha is over here showing us and taking deposits with a Spring 2011 delivery date of the Super Ténéré.

Wake up BMW, Yamaha is knocking at your door. Oh and don't worry about Triumph, they haven't even started up the walk yet.

The only things stopping me from sticking it to Triumph and buying the Ténéré is I so love that Triumph Triple motor and the Ténéré is just too much bike for what I need and too much money than what I have.

So it's back to Craigslist and CycleTrader, there's going to be plenty of used Tigers available for dirt cheap once the Ténéré and the Adventure hit our shores.

Triumph owners can't be that loyal. Can they?



  1. It's blue, it's a cat. How can you go wrong?? :)

  2. Yes triumph owners are ver loyal......even here in NZ!! I loved the pic of the 675 , they are an awesome bike and boy do they sound great when wound up. Great post.


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