Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Circus is in Town

The Cycle World International Motorcycle Show will be in Seattle next month, although not in town per-say, close enough to make a weekend out of it. We are going to Seattle on the train with some friends we regularly ride with. I am also looking forward to meeting some forum members who are planning a meet up at the show, which got me thinking about bloggers in the Pacific Northwest. Are any local bloggers going to the show? I know Bolty can't make it no matter how often I ask, but I'm sure that Irondad, you must have some work related ride that would put you within a 100 miles of Seattle on the weekend of the 12th. Bobskoot? Baron? Lance? Bluekat? Daily Rider?

Here is the webpage with all the details to the Seattle show, LINK

It will be interesting to find out if it is true that Suzuki is not shipping 2010 models to the US. Hell For Leather Magazine reports that no 2010 Suzuki are being imported as Suzuki claims 2009 inventory will satisfy demand. You can read the article here: Hell For Leather Magazine

I don't understand why Suzuki would do this while other manufacturers like Honda is entering the next decade with not only updated 2009 models but all new for 2010 models. I am afraid that Trobairitz's Suzuki TU250X may not be available.

It reminds me of the hot dog cart story that our local Triumph dealer has posted in his shop. Here is the short version:

A humble hot dog man had a successful business selling quality hot dogs. Every customer was served with a smile. One day the man’s son came home from college and told his father a recession was coming so he better cut costs. The hot dog man stopped advertising and garaged some of his hot dog carts. Sales fell. He retrenched staff and used cheap sausages and sales fell further. Eventually he decided he would go back to doing what he was doing, that is selling good quality hot dogs with a smile … and sure enough… sales went up.

We are going to Seattle to check out the new 2010 models and to sit on alot of bikes. Come spring, if Suzuki doesn't meet demand I'm sure that Rod of Cycle Parts will have something available.



  1. Bradley:

    I've been thinking about it ever since Tobairitz wrote about it. I'm still thinking . . . I've already checked your hotel and there seems to be space available, with whirlpool too.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. At this point I am planning to go. My last class of the year is the weekend before.

    P.S. I still haven't got squared away on the forum. Guess I will have to go jiggle the handle again.

  3. @bobskoot- Trobairitz and I would love to meet you and Mrs. Skoot. We are arriving for the show Saturday afternoon and reserving Sunday to tour seasonally decorated downtown Seattle. (an email with our contact information on its way to you).

    @Irondad- Seattle would be great to meet again, unfortunately I seemed to have misplaced your email address (maybe it is in my work email). Contact me though my profile page email and I can call the administrator and help you get on the forum (and send you my contact info for Seattle).

  4. Bradley, great idea - my son and I will be going to the show, and would like to meet up. Still working on the scheduling, but if it works for Saturday afternoon that would be fantastic.

    By the way, I love your banner picture! Your America is a beautiful bike. (of course, I would say that!)


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