Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't wave then...

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather, clear blue skies, mid to high 70 degree temperature and the bikes were out. A lot of bikes were out, so I stayed home.

I'd rather stay home during the first nice weekend of the season and soak up the sunshine, clean up the yard and mow de lawne than to suit up, cover up and block that vitamin D. We even went for a hike up Bald Hill and enjoyed the view and peace and quiet.

The highways are not a great place to be on a bike on the weekends this time of year as everyone pulls their bikes out of the garage and hits the road. Stir up the oil, burn up the old gas, rotate the tires, blow out the cobwebs and "remember how to ride a bike" (an actual quote from a rider I know who works for a trucking company). The skills required to operate a motorcycle have atrophied over the winter and I understand it takes a few rides to get your groove back.

Everyone was out in droves on Friday as I made my way home from work. I heard them roar, scream and whizz by all weekend and I passed many more riding home from work on Monday.

What really makes me laugh was how some riders refused to wave as I passed. I can't figure out these riders or ever intend to but as I understand, these hardcore bikers won't wave to motorcyclists other than their HD brethren. Now how you can tell an HD from a Yamaha or Kawasaki V-twin at 50 mph gets me and maybe a Triumph parallel twin is easy to spot. I just laugh, where were these tough guys all winter while we were riding in the rain, in below freezing temperatures welcoming Mother Nature's challenge and keeping our skills sharp year round?

BTW, I only saw one other bike in the Wednesday and Thrusday rain.

To all the other riders, welcome back, glad to see you again and keep waving.

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